Full name: Penthouse RecordsFounded by: Donovan Germain (1988)Based in: Jamaica, Kingston
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Artist Tune Year Riddim Label Producer
DevonteEverybody Needs2001Forever Loving JahPenthouse
Marcia Griffiths & Tony RebelForever Loving Jah2001Forever Loving JahPenthouse
Morgan HeritageJah Revive I'n'I2001Forever Loving JahPenthouse
L.M.S.Rastafari We Salute2001Forever Loving JahPenthouse
Ras ShilohWho Can't Hear2001Forever Loving JahPenthouse
Jahmali & JahmelWipe The Tears2001Forever Loving JahPenthouse
Buju Banton & Leroy SibblesWon't Fly In Jah Face2001Forever Loving JahPenthouse
BuccaneerCleanse Your Mind Freedom BluesPenthouseDonovan Germain
TwiggiDo Me Baby Freedom BluesPenthouseDonovan Germain
General DegreeGive Thanks And Praises1994Freedom BluesPenthouseDonovan Germain
Buju BantonGod Of My Salvation1994Freedom BluesPenthouseDonovan Germain
Tony RebelGood People Freedom BluesPenthouseDonovan Germain
Buju BantonGod Of My Salvation Freedom RockPenthouseDonovan Germain
Tony RebelGood People1993Freedom RockPenthouseDonovan Germain
John Holt & Queen IfricaGhetto Queen2008Ghetto QueenPenthouseDonovan Germain
L.U.S.T.Go Fi Her2010Go Fi HerPenthouseKevino Elliott
Da'VilleMan Like Me You Want2010Go Fi HerPenthouseKevino Elliott
TorchReal Love No Deh Again2010Go Fi HerPenthouseKevino Elliott
Romain VirgoWha Dis Pon Me2010Go Fi HerPenthouseKevino Elliott
Lutan FyahWoman A Stress Me2010Go Fi HerPenthouseKevino Elliott
Duane StephensonYuh Too Bad2010Go Fi HerPenthouseKevino Elliott
General DegreeHandfull HeathenPenthouse
Terry GanzieHey Hi Hello HeathenPenthouse
Buju BantonPolitics Time HeathenPenthouse
Buju BantonBuju Love You To The Max HeavenlessPenthouse
Buju BantonGal You A Di Best2005LecturerPenthouseDonovan Germain
Buju BantonJungle Back A Wall1997LecturerPenthouseDonovan Germain
Tony RebelNoise Of The Ghetto1996LecturerPenthouseDonovan Germain
General DegreeBrinks Nanny GoatPenthouseDonovan Germain
Tony RebelChatty Chatty1992Nanny GoatPenthouseDonovan Germain
Marcia GriffithsCloser To You Nanny GoatPenthouseDonovan Germain
Marcia Griffiths & Cutty RanksMuch Closer2005Nanny GoatPenthouse
Buju BantonWoman No Fret1992Nanny GoatPenthouseDonovan Germain & Dave Kelly
Apache ScratchieBetter Jamdown2002None A Jah Jah ChildrenPenthouseDonovan Germain
Buju BantonBody Count2002None A Jah Jah ChildrenPenthouseDonovan Germain
JahmelThe Manue2002None A Jah Jah ChildrenPenthouseDonovan Germain
Tony RebelWoman And Man2002None A Jah Jah ChildrenPenthouseDonovan Germain
Anthony JohnWoman Gone Lef You2002None A Jah Jah ChildrenPenthouseDonovan Germain
ChevaughnAll About You2011OMGPenthouse
Chuck FendaBaby Mother's Friend2011OMGPenthouse