Welcome to the Riddim Database

What is a riddim?

According to Wikipedia, a riddim is an instrumental version of a song, which applies to Jamaican music or other forms of Caribbean music. Riddims usually consist of a drum pattern and a prominent bass line.
The Jamaican Patois term 'riddim' is derived from the English word 'rhythm'. Riddims are used as the instrumental backgrounds for reggae, lovers rock, dub, ragga, dancehall, soca and reggaeton.

About this website

This website is dedicated to providing information about tunes that are released on riddims.
The database behind this website is still in development. At the moment, it contains information about:

  • 577 riddims
  • 10128 tunes
  • 2084 artists
  • 559 producers
  • 771 labels

Special Thanks

I would like to thank Robert Camphouse for the labour of love and all the time he spent on his 'Camphouse Riddim Index' and 'Camphouse Artist Profile' files, and for the fact he allowed me to use them. I would also like to thank Pupa Vlado for his pioneering work in collecting and documenting information about riddims and tunes.