Al Campbell
Real name: Alphonso CampbellBorn in: Jamaica, Kingston (1954-08-31)
Artist Tune Year Riddim Label Producer
Al CampbellA You Girl VanityJammy'sKing Jammy
Al Campbell & Daddy LizardBe Like You HeavenlessTaxiSly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare
Al CampbellCan't Hold We1986Real RockJammy'sKing Jammy
Al CampbellChant Rub-A-Dub1984Everybody Bawling Clive Jarrett & Beswick Phillips
Al CampbellCome Let My Hold Your Hand1981Love In The House Al Campbell
Al CampbellComputerize Sleng TengLive & LearnDelroy Wright
Al CampbellDon't Keep Me Waiting2000Lovers Bash (based on Rock Steady)High PowerGeneral Lee & George Douglas
Al CampbellDraw Fe De Weapon HeavenlessCourage
Denroy Morgan & Al CampbellHarvest Is Plenty1999Buss Up BarriersHMGDenroy Morgan
Al CampbellHypocrites Hypocrites
Al CampbellIron Baloon Cherry Oh Baby Steely & Clevie
Al CampbellIt's Alright Baby1998VanityMac Dada
Al CampbellJah Army Declaration Of Rights
Gentleman & Al CampbellMan Of My Own2002Never Go UnderHMGDerrick Morgan
Al Campbell & Little JohnMash It Already1984AnswerVolcanoHenry Lawes
Al CampbellMouth Murder Darker Shade Of BlackNuraBlackbeard
Al CampbellMy Girl1992Bobby BabylonTop RankE.J. Robinson
Al CampbellNever Fail Rockfort RockSlam
Al CampbellOne Beer Bad Boy Lecturer
Al Campbell & SheriffOne Day Bad Boy1990ActionMadhouseBunny Gemini
Al CampbellOne Way Soldier HeavenlessPowerhouseGeorge Phang
Al CampbellRain From The Sky2004Rain From The Skies Al Campbell, Mafia & Fluxy
Al CampbellRiot Shank I Sheck
Al CampbellSensimilia1985Sleng TengTop RankE.J. Robinson
Al CampbellToo Much Jack Up1990BoopsBlack RootsMaurice Johnson
Al CampbellTurn Me Loose1998Answer Coxsone Dodd
Al CampbellTurn Me Loose1980AnswerHitbound
Al CampbellTurn Me Loose AnswerKingston 11
Al CampbellWe Rule HeavenlessWaterhouse
Al CampbellWet Road Unmetered (based on Taxi)
Al CampbellWish It Was Me1998Ali BabaBarry UPatrick Barrett (a.k.a. Barry U)
Al CampbellYou Turn Me On StalagTechniquesWinston Riley