Head To Toe Riddim (1987)
Produced by: King Jammy
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Artist Tune Year Riddim Label Producer
PinchersBe My Friend Head To ToeDigital BBobby Digital
Risto BenjieBeware1999Head To ToeJammy'sKing Jammy
Me & YouBit Bit Head To ToeJammy'sKing Jammy
Chris WayneBoy A Boy Head To ToeJackpot
Cutty RanksBun Dem1999Head To ToeJammy'sKing Jammy
Tumpa LionBy The Fruits1997Kill Dem (based on Head To Toe)Maximum SoundFrenchie
Lukie DClose To You1999Head To ToeDigital BBobby Digital
General BCome Look Yah1999Head To ToeDigital BBobby Digital
Alley CatDisrespect1999Head To ToeDigital BBobby Digital
JahmaliDon't Let A Good Thing Go1999Head To ToeDigital BBobby Digital
Dawya RanksDon't Talk Head To ToeJammy'sKing Jammy
RoundheadDon't Test Me1999Head To ToeDigital BBobby Digital
Little JohnEverybody Needs Somebody Head To ToeJusticeBunny Striker Lee
Admiral BaileyGanja Spliff1999Head To ToeJammy'sKing Jammy
Sluggy RanksGimme Mi Lover Head To ToeMusic MasterWitty Henry
Little JohnGive Me No Bun1985Head To ToeLive & LoveKing Jammy
Little TwitchGlad Seh Me Come Head To ToeSteely & ClevieSteely & Clevie
Poison ChangGood Inna Body (Over Yuh Shape)1997Kill Dem (based on Head To Toe)Maximum SoundFrenchie
Ninja FlowersGum Pan Head To ToeJammy'sKing Jammy
Wayne WonderHead Over Heels1994Head To ToeMadhouseDave Kelly
Daddy ScrewHead To Toe1999Head To ToeDigital BBobby Digital
Frankie PaulHead To Toe1987Head To ToeJammy'sKing Jammy
Little KirkHero1995Head To ToeFat Eyes
Many MoreHigher1999Head To ToeJammy'sKing Jammy
Bobby CrystalI Love You1999Head To ToeDigital BBobby Digital
Shaka PowIf You Did Know1999Head To ToeJammy'sKing Jammy
Tonto IrieIn A Dis1999Head To ToeJammy'sKing Jammy
Anthony BIn A It1999Head To ToeJammy'sKing Jammy
Delly RanksInformer1999Head To ToeDigital BBobby Digital
Bunny General & Top CatInformer Fi Dead1997Kill Dem (based on Head To Toe)Maximum SoundFrenchie
Sammy Levi (a.k.a. Scion Success)It's A Shame Head To ToeWittyWitty Henry
Admiral BaileyKill Them With It1987Head To ToeJammy'sKing Jammy
Shabba RanksLive Blanket Head To ToeDigital BBobby Digital
TurbulenceLove You2006Head To Toe
Gregory IsaacsLoveliness Head To ToeJammy'sKing Jammy
Mad CobraMan Ya So1999Head To ToeDigital BBobby Digital
Quench AidMedley2000Head To ToeCali BudSheldon Stewart
Johnny PMiss Cutie Cutie1999Head To ToeBlack RootsSugar Minott
Nigger MikeyMr Finsac1999Head To ToeCity Love
Ward 21Never Bow Wow1999Head To ToeJammy'sKing Jammy