Cherry Oh Baby Riddim (1971)
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Artist Tune Year Riddim Label Producer
Eric DonaldsonCherry Oh baby (1)1971Cherry Oh BabyIslandBunny Striker Lee
The UpsettersDread1971Cherry Oh Baby Lee Scratch Perry
Dennis AlcaponeRipe Cherry1971Cherry Oh BabyStriker LeeBunny Striker Lee
Dennis AlcaponeWell Dread1971Cherry Oh Baby Lee Scratch Perry
I-RoyFestival Mash Up1972Cherry Oh Baby Bunny Striker Lee
Eric DonaldsonOh What A Festival1972Cherry Oh Baby Bunny Striker Lee
King Tubby & King JammyA Stalawatt Version1975Cherry Oh Baby Bunny Striker Lee
Cornell CampbellThe Stal-O-Watt1976Cherry Oh Baby Bunny Striker Lee
SheriffCherry 20001980Cherry Oh Baby Bunny Striker Lee
SheriffDie Die Die1980Cherry Oh Baby Bunny Striker Lee
Princess SFrom Yu Gawn1980Cherry Oh Baby Bunny Striker Lee
Fuddon IrieLove The Girls Them1980Cherry Oh Baby Bunny Striker Lee
Derrick IrieNew Tune On The Block1980Cherry Oh Baby Bunny Striker Lee
Chris IrieTeck Him1980Cherry Oh Baby Bunny Striker Lee
Max RomeoTwo Faced People1980Cherry Oh Baby Bunny Striker Lee
Sandy Star (a.k.a. Sandra Star)Where Do Broken Hearts Go1980Cherry Oh BabyCastleBunny Striker Lee
Sammy DreadDreadlocks Queen1982Cherry Oh BabyChannel OneSoljie Hamilton
Gunslinger & UB40The Buzz Feeling1985Cherry Oh Baby UB40 & Pablo Falconer
Hammer MouthOut A Yu Yard1986Cherry Oh BabyBlack ScorpioMaurice Johnson
DirtsmanBubble And Wine1990Cherry Oh BabyDigital BBobby Digital
O'Neil ShinesI Am Hurt1990Cherry Oh BabySonicHenry Lawes
PinchersSend Another One Come1990Cherry Oh BabyDigital BBobby Digital
[Dub]Cherry Oh Baby1991Cherry Oh BabyDigital BBobby Digital
Thriller UMy Mama1991Cherry Oh Baby Steely & Clevie
Captain Barkey & WickermanPut It Down1991Cherry Oh BabyJammy'sKing Jammy
Cobra (a.k.a. Mad Cobra)Tek Him1991Cherry Oh BabyDigital BBobby Digital
Cobra (a.k.a. Mad Cobra)Tek Him (Hip Hop Mix)1991Cherry Oh BabyDigital BBobby Digital
Monkey ManA You Talk1992Cherry Oh BabyJammy'sKing Jammy
Eric DonaldsonCherry Oh Baby (2)1992Cherry Oh BabyDigital BBobby Digital
Garnett Silk & Tony RebelChristian Soldiers1992Cherry Oh BabyPenthouseDonovan Germain
Johnny PCome Pick Cherry1992Cherry Oh BabyJammy'sKing Jammy
Risto BenjieD J Class1992Cherry Oh BabyJammy'sKing Jammy
PowermanDem A Pose Up1992Cherry Oh BabyJammy'sKing Jammy
Super Cat & Trevor SparksDolly, My Baby1992Cherry Oh BabyWild ApacheRobert Livingston, William Maragh (a.k.a. Super Cat) & Andrew Harpaul
PinchersDon't Move1992Cherry Oh BabyJammy'sKing Jammy
Admiral TibetDon't Try To Dis Me1992Cherry Oh BabyDigital BBobby Digital
PowermanForward1992Cherry Oh BabyDigital BBobby Digital
Poison ChangGal Man Tune1992Cherry Oh BabyJammy'sKing Jammy
Derrick IrieHouse Husband1992Cherry Oh BabyJammy'sKing Jammy
Sister NancyI Love Jah1992Cherry Oh BabyJammy'sKing Jammy