Lenky Marsden
Real name: Steven MarsdenBorn in: Jamaica (1971-00-00)
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Artist Tune Year Riddim Label Producer
Voice MailA Nuh Your Fault2004Bubble Up40/40Lenky Marsden
Bling DawgAin't Scared2004Bubble Up40/40Lenky Marsden
Bling DawgAlright For You2002Diwali40/40Lenky Marsden
Elephant ManBring It2006Taxi40/40Lenky Marsden
Elephant ManBring It2006Unmetered (based on Taxi)40/40Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare & Lenky Marsden
HawkeyeBubble & Wine2002Diwali40/40Lenky Marsden
General DegreeBuss The Door1998Space InvadersMaximum SoundLenky Marsden & Frenchie
Tanya StephensCan't Touch Me No More2002Diwali40/40Lenky Marsden
ChicoChange Your Ways2004Bubble Up40/40Lenky Marsden
M'LonieCreepin'2004Bubble Up40/40Lenky Marsden
Mad AnjuDem A Go Hard2002Diwali40/40Lenky Marsden
DesperadoDesperado2002Diwali40/40Lenky Marsden
Tami ChynnDon't Wanna Dance2004Bubble Up40/40Lenky Marsden
Elephant ManElephant Message2002Diwali40/40Lenky Marsden
HawkeyeEverything Is OK2004Bubble Up40/40Lenky Marsden
T.O.K.Galang Gal2002Diwali40/40Lenky Marsden
Sean PaulGet Busy2002Diwali40/40Lenky Marsden
Anthony BGirls Buss2002Diwali40/40Lenky Marsden
AssassinGod Bless2004Bubble Up40/40Lenky Marsden
Spragga BenzGonna Fight2002Diwali40/40Lenky Marsden
Mr. VegasGot To Be Me1998Space InvadersMaximum SoundLenky Marsden & Frenchie
ChicoI Go Wild1998Space InvadersMaximum SoundLenky Marsden & Frenchie
General DegreeInna2002Diwali40/40Lenky Marsden
General DegreeIt Deh Yah2004Bubble Up40/40Lenky Marsden
Elephant ManIt Sweet Me2004Bubble Up40/40Lenky Marsden
Mega BantonIt's OK2002Diwali40/40Lenky Marsden
Nicola TuckerJesus Is Sweeter2004Bubble Up40/40Lenky Marsden
Macka DiamondLength And Strength2004Bubble Up40/40Lenky Marsden
Anthony Red RoseLiving My Life2004Bubble Up40/40Lenky Marsden
Crissy DMake It Real Good2002Diwali40/40Lenky Marsden
A.R.P.Mastermind 2.51999Spy Lenky Marsden
T.O.K.Mastermind 2.51999Spy Lenky Marsden
Danny EnglishMichelle2004Bubble Up40/40Lenky Marsden
Alley Cat & LumideeNever Leave You2002Diwali40/40Lenky Marsden
Wayne WonderNo Letting Go2002Diwali40/40Lenky Marsden
Wayne MarshallNo Man Curse2004Bubble Up40/40Lenky Marsden
General DegreeNuh Fraid A Dem2006Taxi40/40Lenky Marsden
General DegreeNuh Fraid A Dem2006Unmetered (based on Taxi)40/40Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare & Lenky Marsden
Alley CatOvercast2002Diwali40/40Lenky Marsden
Wayne MarshallOvercome2002Diwali40/40Lenky Marsden