Dave Kelly
Real name: David KellyBorn in: Jamaica, Kingston (1969-11-04)
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Artist Tune Year Riddim Label Producer
Dean Fraser56 Slipe Road1991A Love I Can FeelPenthouseDonovan Germain & Dave Kelly
Nadine Sutherland & Terror FabulousAction1993ActionMadhouseDave Kelly
Bounty Killer & Baby ChamAnother Level1999The CloneMadhouseDave Kelly
Bounty KillerAnytime (1)1998Bruck OutX-Tra LargeDave Kelly
Bounty KillerAnytime (2)1999Bruck Out Dave Kelly
Wayne WonderBashment Girl1996Joy RideMadhouseDave Kelly
Louie CultureBig And Bold1996MedicineMadhouseDave Kelly
Frisco KidBig Speech1994Pepper SeedMadhouseDave Kelly
Daddy ScrewBig Tings A Gwaan1994Pepper SeedMadhouseDave Kelly
Baby ChamBoom1998Bruck OutX-Tra LargeDave Kelly
Dave KellyBruck Out Instrumental1998Bruck OutX-Tra LargeDave Kelly
Buju BantonBuju Moving College RockPenthouseDonovan Germain & Dave Kelly
PliersCall It Off1991A Love I Can FeelPenthouseDonovan Germain & Dave Kelly
Baby ChamCan I Get A ...1998Bruck OutX-Tra LargeDave Kelly
Bounty KillerCan't Believe My Eye1998Bruck OutX-Tra LargeDave Kelly
Spragga BenzCar Crash1994Car Crash Dave Kelly
Frisco KidChuck It1995Hot MilkX-Tra LargeDave Kelly
General DegreeDaddy Teddy1996StinkX-Tra LargeDave Kelly
Daddy Screw & Donovan SteeleDapper1994Pepper SeedMadhouseDave Kelly
Buju BantonDickie1993DickiePenthouseDonovan Germain & Dave Kelly
Wayne Wonder & Frisco KidDream Land1996StinkX-Tra LargeDave Kelly
T.O.K.Eagles Cry1998Bruck OutX-Tra LargeDave Kelly
DevonteFire Bun1995Hot MilkX-Tra LargeDave Kelly
Alley CatFresh Off The Block1996Joy RideMadhouseDave Kelly
Tony RebelFresh Vegetable1991A Love I Can FeelPenthouseDonovan Germain & Dave Kelly
Terror FabulousFrom Birth1994VanityMadhouseDave Kelly
Mr. Easy & Baby ChamFunny Man1996Joy RideMadhouseDave Kelly
Silver CatGet Smart1996Joy RideMadhouseDave Kelly
KeziGhetto News1996MedicineMadhouseDave Kelly
Admiral BaileyGirl Of My Pleasure1994Pepper SeedMadhouseDave Kelly
Spragga BenzGirl Watcher1996StinkX-Tra LargeDave Kelly
Beenie ManGirls Anthem1996StinkX-Tra LargeDave Kelly
Dave KellyGirls Anthem1996StinkX-Tra LargeDave Kelly
The Stranger (a.k.a. Dave Kelly)Girls Anthem1996StinkX-Tra LargeDave Kelly
Junior TigerGlamarous1994Pepper SeedMadhouseDave Kelly
Baby ChamGoodas Girl1996MedicineMadhouseDave Kelly
Beenie Man & Mr. EasyHaters & Fools1999The CloneMadhouseDave Kelly
Wayne WonderHead Over Heels1994Head To ToeMadhouseDave Kelly
Maxi Priest & Daddy ScrewHeartbreaker1994Car Crash Dave Kelly
YellowmanHot Again1994Pepper SeedMadhouseDave Kelly