Mixing Lab
Founded by: Roy Francis
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Artist Tune Year Riddim Label Producer
Mr. ChickenA Wha Dat200020/20Mixing Lab
Tanya StephensAfter Sex2004CycloneMixing Lab
Harry Toddler & FitzyBleach Out Face200020/20Mixing Lab
Glen WashingtonBorn Gifted & Black2002Every Little ThingMixing LabRoy Francis
Elephant ManBruck Out200020/20Mixing Lab
SpiceClap Yuh Hand2004CycloneMixing Lab
Junior Brammer (a.k.a. Trinity) & FlourgonCommanding Wife A Love I Can FeelMixing LabRoy Francis
[Dub]Commanding Wife Version A Love I Can FeelMixing LabRoy Francis
LucianoCool And Settle2000Cuss CussMixing LabRoy Francis
DetermineDodge2004CycloneMixing Lab
SizzlaDon't Care2004CycloneMixing Lab
SQJEducation200020/20Mixing Lab
Junior KellyFar From Jah2000Cuss CussMixing LabRoy Francis
Danny EnglishFully Loaded200020/20Mixing Lab
Mad Anju & Black RatGet Outta Here200020/20Mixing Lab
Red DragonGun Thing He PrayedMixing Lab
Singing Sweet & TyricalHigh Grade She Want200020/20Mixing Lab
BuccaneerHipHop Hooray200020/20Mixing Lab
Nitty KutchieHow We Roll200020/20Mixing Lab
FionaI'm Gonna Miss You200020/20Mixing Lab
Junior KellyI'n'I200020/20Mixing Lab
Freddie McGregor & Culture TInformer1992Every Little ThingMixing LabRoy Francis
Anthony BItal Stew2004CycloneMixing Lab
Ce'CileKeep Them Talking200020/20Mixing Lab
Nu Born TugzLame As200020/20Mixing Lab
Aaron SilkLosing The Battle2000Cuss CussMixing LabRoy Francis
Vybz KartelMama2004CycloneMixing Lab
Harry ToddlerModeling200020/20Mixing Lab
Mikey SpiceNo Weapon2000Cuss CussMixing LabRoy Francis
Mr. VegasOver All200020/20Mixing Lab
Half PintPlease Oh Jah Jah2000Cuss CussMixing LabRoy Francis
Bounty KillerRoy200020/20Mixing Lab
Freddie McGregorRun Fi Babylon2002Every Little ThingMixing LabRoy Francis
AssassinScrew You2004CycloneMixing Lab
Future TroublesStay If Yuh Want200020/20Mixing Lab
George NooksSwell Headed2000Cuss CussMixing LabRoy Francis
Freddie McGregor & TrinityThief In Vineyard2002Every Little ThingMixing LabRoy Francis
Jah MasonThings To Do2000Cuss CussMixing LabRoy Francis
Singer JTrackle Lick A Train200020/20Mixing Lab
TurbulenceTrust Nuthin2004CycloneMixing Lab