Shocking Vibes
Full name: Shocking Vibes Entertainment / Vibes HouseFounded by: Patrick Roberts,Beenie Man (1987)Based in: Jamaica
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Artist Tune Year Riddim Label Producer
Silver CatAfrican Lala HeavenlessShocking Vibes
Pan HeadAfrican Princess Full UpShocking Vibes
DevonteAin't Nobody1997BlackoutShocking VibesPatrick Roberts
Little LennyAll Fruits Ripe1992All Fruits RipeShocking VibesPatrick Roberts & Tony Kelly
GhostAll I Ever Ask1993Full UpShocking VibesPatrick Roberts
GhostBecause You Love1996PunaanyShocking Vibes
Tanya StephensBig Heavy Gal1997Cuss CussShocking VibesPatrick Roberts
Mr. PantsBow Cat Real RockShocking Vibes
SanchezBrown Eyes1995Full UpShocking Vibes
Little LennyBum Flick1992All Fruits RipeShocking VibesPatrick Roberts
Lieutenant StitchieBun It Dung1993Full UpShocking VibesPatrick Roberts
Beenie Man & Jack RadicsBy Gones Darker Shade Of BlackShocking Vibes
Utan GreenCan't Tek Full UpShocking Vibes
Buju BantonCertain Girl1992Cuss CussShocking VibesPatrick Roberts
The Mighty Diamonds & Fragga RanksChalice In A Circle Full UpShocking Vibes
Silver CatDead In Ya1994CorduroyShocking VibesPatrick Roberts
Terror FabulousDelighted How She Look1992All Fruits RipeShocking VibesPatrick Roberts
Shad DuDem Fi Guh Weh200248 Bus RouteShocking Vibes
Sugar Black & LebanchulaDo You1997Cuss CussShocking Vibes
DevonteDreamy Eyes1996PunaanyShocking Vibes
Little KirkEase The Pain1992Cuss CussShocking VibesPatrick Roberts
Jack RadicsEverybody Plays A Fool1992Cuss CussShocking VibesPatrick Roberts
SanchezFall In Love1992All Fruits RipeShocking VibesPatrick Roberts
Little LennyFat Pum-Pum1992Love In The HouseShocking VibesTony Kelly & Patrick Roberts
TwiggiFever1998Cherry Oh BabyShocking Vibes
Johnny PFight Over Man1994Love In The HouseShocking VibesTony Kelly & Patrick Roberts
Charlie ChaplinFlatty1994AnswerShocking VibesPatrick Roberts
O'Neil Shines & Bun PanFlow Cherry Oh BabyShocking Vibes
Silver CatFoul Affair1995CorduroyShocking VibesPatrick Roberts
Little LennyFragile Buddy1990PunaanyShocking VibesPatrick Roberts
L.M.S. & Morgan HeritageFree Education Cherry Oh BabyShocking Vibes
Shawn 14Fret1992Cuss CussShocking VibesPatrick Roberts
FabianFull A Potential1996PunaanyShocking Vibes
PowermanGal A Call1996PunaanyShocking Vibes
PowermanGal A Wah So1992All Fruits RipeShocking VibesPatrick Roberts
Daddy ScrewGal Yu Look Good1992All Fruits RipeShocking VibesPatrick Roberts & Tony Kelly
BugleGenuine200248 Bus RouteShocking Vibes
Beenie ManGirls Dem Sugar1996PunaanyShocking VibesPatrick Roberts
KanangaGive Har It200248 Bus RouteShocking Vibes
Nigger MikeyGood Ole1990PunaanyShocking VibesPatrick Roberts