Mad Cobra
Real name: Ewart Everton BrownBorn in: Jamaica, Kingston (1968-00-00)
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Artist Tune Year Riddim Label Producer
Mad CobraAll About2000Heart AttackCity Lock
Cobra (a.k.a. Mad Cobra)Ants In A Yuh Milk2000Spring WaterStone ColdWard 21
Mad CobraBad Man War2004Free UpIn The StreetzByron Murray
Mad CobraBatta Ears2002EngineCJChristopher James
Cobra (a.k.a. Mad Cobra)Be Patient1991Shank I SheckSinbadCaptain Sinbad (a.k.a. Carl Dwyer)
Mad CobraBig It Up HeavenlessFather & Son
Cobra (a.k.a. Mad Cobra)Boom Wuk2002Mad AntsDon CorleonDonovan Bennett
Mad CobraCertain Gal1995HeavenlessJohn JohnJohn John
Mad CobraChare You2005Top FlossingEnergy Beat
Mad CobraColor Red Death In The ArenaRockers Forever
Mad CobraDem Haffi Move1995Heavenless
Cobra (a.k.a. Mad Cobra)Different Thing Now2002Zero ToleranceAnnexHarvel Hart
Mad CobraDig Up2002AnswerBlacker DreadTyrone Hinds & Blacker Dread
Cobra (a.k.a. Mad Cobra)Don2008Four BottleHeart Of LoveOthniel Campbell
Mad CobraDon't Waste Me Time2003Tunda ClapRenaissanceChristopher Birch & Delano Thomas
Cobra (a.k.a. Mad Cobra)Draw Mi Out2000Ba Ba BoomHigh GradeMichael Johnson
Mad CobraFat & Buff1993DickiePenthouseDonovan Germain
Cobra (a.k.a. Mad Cobra)Fear No Wicked1993Freedom BluesDigital BBobby Digital
Cobra (a.k.a. Mad Cobra)Find And Kill1993Ba Ba BoomDigital BBobby Digital
Mad CobraFool20018 BallYoung BloodGoofy
Mad CobraFresh Real RockSinbadCarl Dwyer
Mad CobraHelp2004StepzRenaissanceDelano Thomas
Mad CobraIn A Casket2003Cleaning Out My ClosetIn The StreetzByron Murray
Mad CobraJudge And Wear1997A WhoHigh Power
Mad CobraJustice1996Taxi
Mad Cobra & Keke FlintLazy Gal200320 CentBaby GBaby G
Mad CobraLeggo From Bout Yah AnswerHow Yu Fi Sey
Mad CobraMack 10 AnswerHow Yu Fi Sey
Mad CobraMan Ya So1999Head To ToeDigital BBobby Digital
Mad CobraMark 101994Answer
Mad Cobra & Macka DiamondMoney-Washing Machine2005BounceIn The StreetzByron Murray
Cobra (a.k.a. Mad Cobra)More Dem Talk1994CorduroyShocking VibesPatrick Roberts
Mad CobraMr Pleasure1994Sleng TengJohn JohnJohn John
Mad CobraMr Wicked In Bed1990StalagSteely & ClevieSteely & Clevie
Cobra (a.k.a. Mad Cobra)Must Drop Out1991Bobby Babylon E.J. Robinson
Cobra (a.k.a. Mad Cobra)Oh Yes1991Punany Chemist Casta Pearson
Mad CobraOld School (Lot A Pum Pum)2006Sleng TengBankeylousPaul Giscombe
Cobra (a.k.a. Mad Cobra)Original Kill And Nuh Run1991He PrayedSinbadCaptain Sinbad (a.k.a. Carl Dwyer)
Mad CobraPoison Gas1992HeavenlessEsoldun
Cobra (a.k.a. Mad Cobra)Pretend You Dead1996Cuss CussDigital BBobby Digital