Real name: Chad SimpsonBorn in: Jamaica, Kingston (1974-06-01)
Artist Tune Year Riddim Label Producer
Red Rat & GoofyBig Man Little Yute1998RichMain Street
Mr. G (a.k.a. Goofy)Bounce Yuh Girl2002BollywoodIn The StreetzByron Murray & Mr. Vegas
GoofyBrush Yu Teeth1998RichMain Street
Red Rat & GoofyCruise1998Rotten Rich (based on Rich)Main StreetDanny Browne
GoofyGangsta2005Real RockBlack ScorpioMaurice Johnson
Hawkeye & GoofyHow You So Bless1997Girls GalorePot Of GoldRichie Stephens
GoofyI Don't Care2000007Da BratRed Rat
GoofyI Don't Give A Damn1998Rotten Rich (based on Rich)Main StreetDanny Browne
Mr. G (a.k.a. Goofy) & Ce'CileIf You Want2004Punaany
Mr. G (a.k.a. Goofy)Nah Go Inform2004Punaany
GoofyNo Drugs2000Bad WeatherStudio 2000Steely & Clevie
Mr. G (a.k.a. Goofy)Nothing Fi Show2004Punaany
GoofyPack Bus2000Chiney GalKing Of KingsCordel Burrell & Ce'Cile
GoofyPolice And Bad Man2006TaxiTaxiSly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare
GoofyRich In Love20018 BallYoung BloodGoofy
GoofyRound Around200320 CentBaby GBaby G
GoofyStepping Up The Ladder2003Far EastWWSLeroy Smart
GoofyThat Cyaan Happen1998SplashJuvenileDanny Browne
GoofyWar War20018 BallYoung BloodGoofy