Mad Anju
Real name: Lucien DixonBorn in: Jamaica, Kingston
Artist Tune Year Riddim Label Producer
Mad Anju & Gold VoiceBring It To Me2004Punaany
Mad AnjuDem A Go Hard2002Diwali40/40Lenky Marsden
Mad Anju & Black RatGet Outta Here200020/20Mixing Lab
Mad AnjuLook Like2000SpeedQ 45Steely & Clevie
Mad Anju & ReneeLoose Control2005Attack DemXplosive
Mad AnjuTalk Up2004Cell PhoneSunshine
Mad AnjuWe Ready200320 CentBaby GBaby G
Mad Anju & KiprichWi A Friend2000Chiney GalKing Of KingsCordel Burrell & Ce'Cile