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Artist Real Name Birth Location Part Of Tunes
Clement IrieClement BarnesJamaica7
ClevieCleveland BrowneJamaica, Kingston9
Cliffory SmithCliffory Smith1
Clint EastwoodRobert BrammerJamaica10
Clinton Allen1
Clive HuntClive HuntJamaica1
Cobra (a.k.a. Mad Cobra)Ewart Everton BrownJamaica, Kingston22
Coco Man2
Cocoa TeaCalvin George ScottJamaica, Clarendon, Rocky Point70
Colah ColahStephan BygraveJamaica, Kingston, Jones Town2
Colin RoachColin Roach11
Colin SampsonColin Sampson2
Collie Weed1
Colly CDwayne CollymoreJamaica, Kingston3
Colonel LloydLloyd Anderson1
Colonel LloydieKeeble McLuneJamaica, Kingston5
Colonel MiteD. Cole1
ColourmanFidal Hugh HenryJamaica, Manchester4
CommanchePaul BogleJamaica, Saint Mary1
Commander ShadCarl BarrettJamaica, Kingston, Grants Pen3
Computer PaulPaul HentonJamaica1
Conrad CrystalConrad Constantine HunterJamaica, Kingston9
Conroy BrownConroy Brown1
Conroy SmithCharles SmithJamaica, Saint James, Caterbury16
ContractorSean EdwardsJamaica2
Cookie the HerbalistStefano Raschi2
Cool FaceKirk Ford2
Copper CatDemar GrahamJamaica1
Cornell CampbellCornell CampbellJamaica, Kingston26
Count MachukiWinston Cooper1
Count OssieOswald WilliamsJamaica, Saint Thomas2
Count Sticky1
Courtney MelodyCourtney MonroeJamaica, Saint Andrew35
Courtney MorrisCourtney MorrisJamaica1
Cousin MarshallNoel EllisJamaica1
CP Inc2
Craig DennisCraig DennisJamaica, Kingston2